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About Us

Walt Disney once said "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" So, four dreamers who share similar amounts of love for a subject like marketing decided to begin a social media marketing agency in 2014. We're called Social Monks.

We pride ourselves for the amazing relationship we have with our clients, and even more for the zeal and passion we have for our craft. Through creative social media strategies our team has changed the way brands appear to their target audience online. So much so, that clients from different parts of the country come to avail our services and we seamlessly manage their brands remotely.

This has helped us gain exposure in different kinds of industries, starting from restaurants to fashion to educational institutions and real estate, we've done it all! We are the perfect blend of quality and efficiency and this is what differentiates us from the crowd.

With old-school values and the enthusiasm of a ten-year-old here is us,
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About Us

Our Story

Let’s get back to 2014, the month of November when 4 young MBA grads worked on a research project. No one knew that a new venture was about to take birth.

What started as a research project became the last bench discussion and further went on to coffee shop gup-shups and quickly turned out to large room conferences. A full-proof, out of the box, creative marketing solution was getting ready to be delivered.

The business curve had started to rise and we faced the heat and showers. Every step in our business career helped us mold social monks. We take pride in our journey of working with 50+ brands, 1000+ campaigns and creating 10,000+ artworks.

And today, here we are standing strong backed by a smart witted team filled with PASSION!

Why Us?

Prisoners of ideas

Ideating, Imagining, and Innovating are the key to stand out from your competition. We do not skip this step as it's the most favorite part of our routine.

Mastered the art of listening

We pay attention to every minute detail of your business. The roadmap to your goals covers all the possibilities and opportunities that your brand can make use of on social media.

Campaigns and trends wait for none

Our social media sixth sense and quick execution make sure your brand is a trendsetter. Our strategic campaigns ensure that your followers soon become your customers.

A wild mind and a disciplined eye

Thinking out of the box is our second nature. We know what makes your audience’s fingers go click- click!

Change is the only constant

Social media platforms keep updating. Whether it is a new algorithm or a new content format, we incorporate the relevant changes and make this transition smooth for you.

Thumbs up or thumbs down

With social media, sometimes you get tricked, sometimes you get the treat. Our dynamic approach makes sure your basket is full of treats.

We've gained Enlightenment in

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Campaigns & Contests
  • Content Creation/Blogs
  • Social Media Videos

Work at Social Monks

Work at Social Monks

A fun working environment, with loads of activities that could inspire you, ambitious projects and an incredibly talented team are just a few reasons why you will love it here.

So, Want to be one among the monks?

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  • 3rd Floor, #MyOffice, Gee Gee Emerald Building,
    Sterling Road Signal, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34.

  • +91 9444000343 or +91 99419 95000