May 21, 2016

Why Teleportation is Awesome!

Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g the exact state of an atom or photon)can be transmitted(exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location.

All those who didn’t understand a word of what has been written above, put your hands up!! Above stated was a paragraph copied and pasted straight out of Wikipedia. To explain what has been written above, lets put it this way…remember how we all watched star trek and gazed in amazement as captain kirk and his crew constantly used their transporter to move between the enterprise and another world, an asteroid, another spacecraft and into an exact place in any of these locations. Or remember harry potter?! The floo powder, port-keys and apparition. This, my friends is what teleportation really means.

It is the art, or ability (or anything you would like to call it, as it doesn’t exist in reality yet)to disappear at one place and instantly reappear at another place, a place of your own choice.

Why teleportation would be awesome is not difficult to imagine.

1.People would be able to transport themselves in no time to a different place at any place in any time.Distance, would in fact become a theoretical thing.We would need no visas and passports to travel from one country to another, free as a bird.

  1. Cars, trains and airplanes would not be needed anymore, doing mother nature the favor that has been long due to her. Lesser pollution will solve a lot of environmental as well as health problems.

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  1. If the ability to teleport were given to me with absolutely no holds barred on its potential ,I would definitely teleport myself to the future and first and foremost, wait-for-it, watch the entire series of“game of thrones”and find out how it ends because being made to wait for months for a new season of this particular series is definitely the most torturous act of all, worse than the beheading.

  2. Having satisfied myself of the future I would teleport myself back to the past, to old England, to the era of gallant young men and chivalry, to those wide frilled skirts and bonnets, to the age where Mr. Darcy thrived(aahhh….drool!).i don’t think I could ever teleport myself back from that age so that’s a dangerous gamble to play.(if it only wasn’t for the dynamic Mr. Darcy).

5.As for the present ,I would definitely want to teleport myself to the secret mysterious lair wherein our college exam papers are evaluated. I wish to drench the burning thirst of a burning question in the minds of majority of the students in India-“that person and I have written the exact same answer, then why did he get more marks than me?”. What force of nature is it that prompts such injustice? Teleportation could definitely help provide an answer to all those students in agony who can do nothing except go “why you do like this?!” **weeping internally**

  1. So having made it clear that giving me the power of teleportation would do no good to the world lets come back with what its other general awesomeness could be. For starters, it could save you a lot of money. You could just teleport yourself to the concert of your choice without having to pay for it. Free events=saving money+having fun!!Cant dispute mathematics now, can we?

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  1. Teleportation is more discreet than other powers like flight. Less people find out, you don’t get mobbed by people asking for favors and you are less likely to be captured. And even if you are, well you can always be…*poof*..gone

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\ 10. Also, crime would fall with the ability to teleport being placed in responsible hands and the world would become a safer place to live in. Needless to mention the positive impact on the environment.

Teleportation if it ever comes into existence would be a boon for mankind, at least for a while before we somehow manage to turn it into a lethal weapon.

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Written by Social Monks.