November 16, 2016

Reasons How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

Thousands of companies spanning different genres are plaguing the market. Every minute a hundred more are trying to break into the market. By the time you are gearing up to make a mark another dozen are waiting to snatch your place. It’s a never ending vicious circle. Numerous new ones arrive each day. Some survive the test of time while others fade into oblivion. You must be wondering, “How to stand the test of time and make a mark?” Well the answer is Email marketing. Over the years it has garnered the most revenue- approximately 38$ for each 1$ spent. It is like the saying by Julius Caesar “Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw. I conquered”

E-mail marketing is a phenomenon of marketing your business venture by means of authorized e-mails. It involves sharing monthly newsletters offering new discounts, products, soliciting sales, sending business requests and advertisements. All directly to your prospective clients in their personal electronic letter box!

So what are we waiting for?Let’s explore the email marketing avenue keeping in mind these insightful points! Here are some reasons to opt for email marketing:

Direct involvement with customers

Through e-mail you are getting into a person’s heart. It is the most direct form of communication. It’s like a letter from a friend who knows you. Your company will be that friend to the customers. This is easily achieved by sending e-mail layouts of handpicked products, special offers and discounts, questionnaires for surveys.

Boosts your sales

E-mail marketing draws more people towards your business and retains your loyal customers. Special offers and discounts for new sign-ups, creating more follow-up mails over the time – all these makes you click. It spreads like a word of mouth by means of referral programs.

Keeps you connected and in top of business

It helps you keep connected with your clients which make sure you are on their mind in times of need. A regular weekly or monthly follow- up email helps you stay connected and also provides great opportunities to draw attention to new schemes/products.

Increases your brand credibility

Email has the ability to make a personal imprint in the customer’s heart. Almost all of us receive a flood of emails from our subscribed companies. Majority of us delete them as spam mail. However, unique layouts, catchy headlines, action-prompting opening lines makes an impact which prevents us from deleting them. Hence we try to stick to the interesting and credible ones. Credibility comes from consistent efforts of including special features, personalized tips and blogs about your business.

Cuts down on the expenditure

E-mail is just like a business letter only with less expenditure. One can target a wider audience within minimal time with the least expenditure. Most email marketing strategies comes with various templates. You just need to improvise, customize and add some creativity. Voila! You are done.

Creates brand awareness and recognition

While using email marketing one uses crisp catchy sentences and words, along with brand names, logo, tagline, company motto and business vision. Thus the email layout helps to build up your brand recognition and also draws potential investors.

Increases your business knowledge

Emails help in gauging the market mood and customer satisfaction. This is easily done by quick surveys and questionnaires which make you aware what’s clicking and what’s not. You get a firsthand account on how you are faring and where you need to improve.

Email marketing - is it a boon or a bane?

Despite the many benefits of e-mail marketing there is a controversy surrounding its utility. Due to its passive conversational nature many of us doesn’t regard it as a viable option. There is always a fear of going unheard /unseen. People may delete your newsletters without even taking a glancing or it can end up in their spam folder. Even worse if they get annoyed and unsubscribe.\ In spite of these apprehensions it is still very much the in-thing as it involves absolutely zero cost and yields great results within a short span of time. One way of tackling invisibility in email marketing is making sure you follow up with a call and by adding a spam filter. If used properly it can be a good medium for conversing with the customer.

Now, the question arises how do you measure its success rate?

One of the major advantages of E-mail marketing is the relative ease of measuring its success. One can easily analyze this by incorporating certain metric analytics in your email campaign system.

These includes measures like

  • Bounce rate (percentage of emails undelivered),
  • Delivery rate (percentage of emails delivered to inbox),
  • e-mail list growth rate
  • Percentage of people clicking your mail,
  • Percentage sharing your mail,
  • Conversion rate (% clicking the links on email).

An absolute measurement is \ Revenue per email sent that is , the total revenue collected from a particular email campaign.

From all this we can gather that E-mail marketing is here to stay. It can never become obsolete. It is a potential tool to build up your business content.\ As the American actor and playwright Jason Miller said, “The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance.”

Written by Social Monks.